The goal of the ALMaQUEST survey is to investigate how variations in molecular gas content shape the star formation activity on a kpc-scale. By taking spatially resolved CO(1-0) measurements with ALMA of galaxies from the MaNGA survey, ALMaQUEST provides a multi-wavelength view of a range of galaxies with different specific star-formation rates.

Image Credit: ESO/Y. Beletsky, SDSS

Science Projects

ALMaQUEST features a diverse set of science goals to investigate the relationships between gas, star-formation, and stellar populations in nearby galaxies.

Team Members

The ALMaQUEST team is an international group of Astronomers with a variety of expertise in resolved galaxy studies.

Data Products & Access

A combination of optical and radio observations provides many ways to examine galaxy characteristics.

Image credit: SAO/NASA ADS


Complete list of current publications using ALMaQUEST data

Interested in participating?

New collaborators are always welcome. If you have any inquiries about ALMaQUEST data, our current research, or your own contribution, contact one of our executive team members.